Vättern – a unique lake

Not the largest and not the deepest. Yet Vättern may be the most unique lake in Sweden. The lake has its own unique character, with great depth and clear, cold, nutrient-poor water. Its location in southern Sweden gives its ecosystem a very unusaual combination of southern and northern species. Even the enviroments around the lake are unique.

Today, Lake Vättern is doing relatively well. Its nutrient-poor clear water with an enormous depth of visibility is at the same level as 100-120 years ago. The phosphorus content is low. The plant and fish community indicates an overall prosperous lake. But due to its unique characterics, Lake Vättern also faces some challanges, such as climate changes, invasive species and enviromental toxins.

Inventory of underwater plants in Lake Vättern.

In Lake Vättern, continuous sampling has taken place since the 1960s. Together with certain estuaries and outflows, this is called coordinated national environmental monitoring and is conducted according to a specially established program. It is the Lake Vättern Society of Water Conservation that ensures that this coordination is as scientifically, economically and environmentally efficient as possible. The purpose of these surveys is to find out how Lake Vättern is doing, to follow up the requirements of the Water Framework Directive and environmental goals, to detect problems and to follow up the effect of measures. Data is also used in environmental assessments, and in research. Environmental monitoring is carried out according to established methods and by accredited samplers and laboratories – to ensure that results are comparable both over time and space.

Survey of spawning arctic charr in the lake during late fall.

Lake Vättern is also one of Sweden’s most unique areas for fishing and outdoor life. How about 28 fish species, crystal clear water with a visibility depth of 17 meters, 516 kilometers of beach where high cliffs in many places provide unbeatable views of the lake. The fact that the fishing is great for several species such as artic char, brown trout and pike does not make things worse. The four County Administrative Boards around the lake are responsible for the information about fishing on the website, which has developed the pages in collaboration with the municipalities and the fishing organizations. Welcome to Lake Vättern!